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Foxhunting Maps

A complete foxhunting map of England. Also available is the complete beagle & harrier map of England. We also have a range of County maps, divided into hunting countries.

Miscellaneous sporting Items all Vintage

This is a page for all other items for sporting items.


We have a new range of bronzes to sell to you )) - these are both modern and vintage bronzes.
We are making a collection of stunning bronzes of many subjects and to suit all price ranges.

Eldanis Gurbanov Bronzes

He was born in 1975 in the Nahechivan, part of Azerbaijan.
In 1989, he came to live in Kharkov, after finishing school in Nahechivan.
When he arrived in Kharkov he started to study in Kharkov Art College for 5 years.
after graduation he studied at the Kharkov Art Institute of Commerce and Industry, and at the same time studied at the Kharkiv Law Academy im.Ya.Mudrogo.
When he started his studies at college, he also started making sculptures.
He started to make his own exhibitions in Ukraine. His famous works stays in the cities of Ukraine. During 26 year he worked not only on private orders, but also orders for the Ukraine government. You can see many examples of his work in the city of Kharkov, chernishevskaya street, 22 august, 2005, kharkiv, a monument to the great schemer O.Bender, by the street Petrovskogo 21, near restaurant ant Rio

Alex Shvudkiy

He was born in 1993 near Kiev, Ukraine.

At the age of 7, in 2000 he started to play football, he was a promising footballer. He wanted to become footballer, but when he finished school his parents decided that he should attend college, he studied accountancy.

In 2007 after college he was given a place at the tax academy.

And all during this period he still played football.

But then in 2014 the revolution came to Ukraine and with this, his thoughts turned to wanting to create new things in art, which came from his heart. For a long time, he tried to find himself and even lost the connection with the world, and he left to the countryside, where he made his first work in new year 2016, a deer (as in photograph).

He presented the deer to his family.

His next work was this light tree, but he still knew there was more in his heart to create.

So he thought more and came to find the wire sculptures you see here today in the gallery. Bigger and more intense pieces, which he feels are where he most wants to make more of. The peacock is his pride and joy; he would be happy to make one for you.

If you feel the same, buy a piece today, or commission him to do a work for you.

He had his first ever exhibition in 2016 in Kiev, only two months ago. This is only the second time his work has been exhibited.

Tatiana Babinich

The artist:Tatiana Babinch is an Ukranian, and lives in the easern city of Kharkov. She is a keen horsewomn, and has been riding since she was four years old. She now rides and trains with The Ukranian dressage team.
She paints from the heart, as horses are her passion.
These prints are printed on high quality art paper and color fast giclee inks are used.
A unique opportunity of obtaining a stunning picture at a price that is not high!

Sporting Pictures of a Former Generation

Every subject connected with UK national sports are covered from hunting to rugby.

Snaffles Prints for under 100

Original Snaffles prints, originally from his books. These come framed and mounted and are under £100.

George Vernon Stokes (1873-1954)

George Vernon Stokes (1873-1954)-
Painter in oil, watercolour and pastel of animal subjects and landscapes; etcher and illustrator.

Contributed illustrations to magazines and books on dogs and natural history. Exhibited at the RA from 1907, RBA and provincial galleries.

Lived near Carlisle for some years and later near Deal in Kent.

Lionel Edwards

Original pencil signed & titled prints by Lionel Edwards

Cecil Aldin

Original pencil signed & titled prints by Cecil Aldin

Tom Carr

Original pencil signedetchings by Tom Carr

Sir Alfred Munnings

Original pencil signed & titled prints by Sir Alfred Munnings

Frank Algernon Stewart

Original pencil signed prints by Frank Alernon Stewart

Artist Profiles

In this section we have a number of artist profiles available for downlaod in pdf format

Mounted and/or framed hunting prints from 5.00

All the prints in this section are modern and are sold mounted. We are also giving you the option to buy them framed, cost mainly £20.

Gilbert Holiday

Original pencil signed & titled prints by Gilbert Holiday

Frank Paton

Original pencil signed etchings by Frank Paton

Peter Biegel

Original pencil signed & titled prints by Peter Biegel

Michael Lyne

Original pencil signed & titled prints by Michael Lyne

Best Sellers

A list of the best selling products in your store

George Denholm Armour 1864-1949

Born in Lanarkshire in 1864, George Denholm Armour was the son of a cotton broker. He regularly hunted with the Lanark and Renfrewshire and from whom G.D. inherited his interest. He attended school in Fife and then to art school in Edinburgh and thence to the Royal Academy of Art in Edinburgh, where he won most of the prizes available.

Armour had a studio in London in Fulham Road and his first work was published in the Graphic in 1890. He met Phil May at this time who introduced him to Punch to which he was to contribute for more than thirty five years.

Armour was a fine horseman who delighted in buying cheap horses at auction and Ôsorting outÕ their problems to supplement his income. For two years he ran a stud in Hertfordshire with Joseph Crawhall and in 1898 he married Mary Robb and they settled in Chertsey before moving to Devizes, Wiltshire; at that time he regularly hunted with the Beaufort.

In 1910 he visited Austria and Hungary to study military horse procedures and also the Spanish Riding school in Vienna. At the beginning of the war he joined the Remount Stables near Southampton and by the end of the war he was Director of Remounts in that area for which he was awarded the OBE.

Armour's first wife died in 1924 and he married Violet Burton in 1926. For many years he hunted with the Sparkford Vale Harriers and the South Berks Foxhounds. Whilst hunting he carried a sketchbook in his pocket and frequently made quick sketches on the spot, his studio was a stable where he constantly had a horse before him for reference.

Much of ArmourÕs work was for illustration in magazines and books, but he also painted some large equestrian portraits. He worked in Oil, watercolour, pastel, pen and ink. His illustrations show a great understanding of horses and hounds as well as character and charm and display a great sense of humour. G.D. Armour was one of the outstanding artists of his time and he died in 1949.

All other Artists

Henry Alken, Herring Senior, Maud Earl, T.Ivester Lloyd, Basil Nightingale, Frank Stonelake, William Wyllie, Havell, Harry Nielson, J.Sturgess, FG Lewin and more.

John Sanderson Wells 1872-1955

John Sanderson Wells was a London artist who specialised in sporting and animal painting. He studied at the Slade School of Art in London, and later at the Academie Julian in Paris. From 1895 he was a regular contributor at the Royal Academy and was elected to the Royal Institute in 1903.

Much of Wells' work was privately commissioned. These subjects were mainly hunting subjects - including one for the Duke of Beaufort. Wells painted in a naturalistic style, his painting is technically very well executed and a feeling of graceful movement is evident in his compositions.

His work is in many important private collections, and is highly sought after. He died on 16th March 1955.

First World War Images. The Royal Artillery

Images from 1814 - 1918 war mainly Gilbert Holiday. These images are of the Royal Artillery.

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